Poly gel pink 30g
Long and strong nails in a delicate pink color? You don't have to buy many products to achieve such effects - poly gel pink is enough. Almond, oval, ballerina, Russian almond, Spitz - no shape of the nail will be a challenge for you . Perfect, dense consistency will allow you to accurately shape the plate to achieve the desired effect . See for yourself how simple it is.
How to use poly gel :

  • Prepare nails for styling - prepare cuticles, matt the plate and degrease it with a cleaner;

  • To extend nails on a template, use Ultra Base - apply it to the template to the desired length and harden in the lamp;

  • For extensions with dual forms, apply a regular base to the nail and harden in the lamp;

  • Squeeze a small amount of poly gel and spread it with a brush on the nail ;

  • Curing time - 60 seconds in a UV / LED lamp ;

  • Trim the nails by filing them with a file;

  • If you plan to apply a hybrid varnish, cover the nails with a base ;

  • If you do not want to cover your nails with varnish, use a hybrid top to finish styling .

Beautiful and strong nails easily and quickly ? Poli gel pink will make it possible for you - check for yourself how much it will make styling easier for you.
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