SILICONE Dualforms 120 PCS

The set includes 12 sizes of forms, each tips in a different size. The forms are numbered with sizes from 0 to 11.
Specially designed to form nails quickly using Poly Geli, builder gels and acrylics.
Reusable forms.

  1. 1.Gently polish the nail plate with a polishing pad, remove the resulting dust with a brush and rinse the nails with a Cleaner.

  2. 2. To increase adhesion, apply a thin layer of BASE.

  3. 3. Apply an appropriate amount of the product to the inside of the tips, taking into account the correct structure of the "C curve" (a small amount of the product should be around the cuticles and on the free edge, and more in the middle of the tip). In order to smooth the product on the tips and achieve the desired length, we use a brush soaked in Cleaneer.

  4. 4. Apply the prepared tips to the nail plate, pressing it gently. If the product gets on the cuticles, soak the brush with Cleaner and then remove the dirt. Cure in a lamp, e.g. LED 48W for 30-60 seconds. 

  5. 5.After taking your hand out of the lamp, gently remove the tips from the nail. Then we give the final shape.

  6. 6. Apply a layer of TOP to give a very distinctive gloss. Cure in a LED / UV lamp, then rinse with a Cleaner.

The packaging may differ visually from that shown in the graphic. 
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