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When you buy an Autoclave from us in Norway, you have the right to free transport by DHL, if necessary, for service, free courier for the warranty period, 2 years. When buying an autoclave in another countries, you must pay the courier’s costs for the service. Our prices includes 25% TAX


Kickstart a revolution in your business by making it as safe as can be, with style and class. Enbio S is the only steriliser able to sterlize your tools to perfection in just a few minutes.

Certified perfection

Class B (highest)

Meets all medical requirements

Red Dot Design Award winner

Save time and sterilize several tool packs at the same time – up to 8 packs at once!



It will fit any interior thanks to its compact size (25 x 16 x 56 cm). At the same time, it has the space for all the standard tools, in their packaging or without it.

The fastest


Why would you waste an hour on something you can do in 7 minutes? Enbio S is the fastest steriliser on the market. It is also gloriously intuitive and easy to use.



Fancy a chat standing next to the running Enbio? No problem. It is so quiet you can relax by it (32dB, comparable to an empty, tranquil road).

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5 produkter

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