Semi Hardi Shaper Wide 100 stk.

For å lage en tynn ferdig utvidet negl, er det 100 maler i denne pakken som kan brukes i en salong eller hjemme. Det har aldri vært enklere å forlenge negler og lage den stilige franske manikyrstilen for deg selv eller dine kunder.
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kr 119,00
To make creating the shape of your newly extended nails as easy and uniformed as possible, we have developed our Hardi shapers. With two variations of shaper in our range, you can choose from creating nails with a rounded finish or those with a slim finish to meet your preferred style. Our templates benefit from strong adhesion so there is no movement during application of our Hardi products whilst also being easy to apply around your natural nail and then remove without affecting the finished nail in any way. The perfect accompaniment to our Semilac Hardi range and a must have addition to your nail kit.