Victoria Vynn Gel Polish System - Pedi Base Milky White

Pedi Base is a light-cured product for permanent nail styling of the feet. Aligns the plate and gives a natural color. The base is resistant to mechanical damage, protects the toenails against breaking and cracking. It can be used under classic iQ varnishes or hybrid varnishes Pure and Gel Polish.
• base for cosmetic pedicure
• resistant to mechanical damage
• protects toenails against breaking and cracking
• perfectly aligns the plate
• to be used under classic iQ or Pure and Gel Polish hybrid varnishes

• applied directly under the light-cured top - gives the effect of natural nails
• available in 2 natural shades: milky and light pink
• cured in the lamp: LED - 60 sec, UV - 120 sec
• has a dispersion layer
• removed with a file or milling machine
• capacity: 15 ml
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kr 149,00