556 UV Hybrid Semilac Super Cover CARMINE BOOM

En helt ny samling av dobbeltpigmenterte hybridlakker!

Semilac Super Cover-kolleksjonen tilbyr ikke bare de mest moderne,
saftige og sommerfulle nyansene, men også en helt ny dimensjon av opasitet.
kr 155,00
This deep pink in ultra feminine color can conjure up a phenomenal manicure on your nails.!
556 Carmin Boom - Explosion of a highly saturated raspberry gel polish will come in 3 ... 2 ... 1! It's here! This is a real color bomb among the colors for a confident woman! The shade you've secretly dreamed about, the deep pink in ultra-feminine and fashionable color, can conjure up a phenomenal manicure on your nails. Dare to wear a juicy color in your nails!
The gel polish from the Semilac Super Cover collection is an even greater power of color that will give your nails a whole new dimension of super coverage thanks to a dense and plastic formula.
Shop now at www.semilac.ie  and discover the most fashionable and intense shades of Semilac Super Cover, which will create a colorful gel polish stylization, which will be perfect for sunny days.