300 UV Hybrid Semilac Super Cover Perfect Black 7ml

SEMILAC® UV Hybrid 7ml
SEMILAC® UV Hybrid neglelakk kombinerer det beste av gel UV og neglelakkens egenskaper. Høyeste kvaliteten, profesjonelle produkter med spesielt utvalgte pigmenter gjør at fargen er intens opp til 4 uker. Det andre laget med hybrid neglelakk gir en enda bedre fargedybde.
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The 300PERFECT BLACK gel polish has been long awaited by admirers of perfect manicures. It's finally here! Strongly pigmented and great-covering Semilac Perfect Black hybrid varnish from the beloved Super Cover collection.
Despite the strong pigmentation of the product, this varnish does not show curing problems, even with a thicker layer. If the application of black color has been a challenge for you so far - with Semilac Perfect Black you will get rid of these difficulties.
The product has a dispersion layer, so you can apply to it transfer films or Semilac Flash Mermaid powder effect, and after degreasing the dispersion layer, also apply Semiflash Mirror Metallic and Semiflash Chameleon effects.
Color coverage: full

  • Exceptional coverage - high pigmentation and 100% black

  • The flexible, dense formula maximally facilitates application of the hybrid without flooding the cuticles

  • It has a dispersion layer, so you can apply transfer films or powder effect to it immediately after curing, e.g. Semilac flash mermaid