Eclair Control Gel 6.0 DIAMOND 15g

Self-leveling gel for building nails
CONTROL 6.0 gel has the highest level of self-leveling. The product does not run off the nail plate, so the risk of flooding the cuticles is minimized. This allows for precise work and 100% control over the application of the product. The medium-thick consistency of the gel is perfect for strengthening and building up the natural nail.

CONTROL thixotropic gel is a three-phase gel, which means that the use of a base is necessary for its perfect strength. We recommend Smart Base Crystal Clear.


coverage - 80-90%
thixotropy- "fluid memory"
shimmering silver particles
very high level of self-leveling
100% product control
additional strengthening properties
strong pigmentation
with the right technique, no sawing required
economy of working time
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