Claresa MINT 2 -5g

Awaken your lust for adventure!
A trip to the Savannah? Now it is possible – a vast steppe with acacia, baobabs and even palm trees here and there is at your fingertips
hand. Feel like on a wild prairie, where lions and tigers rest in the shade of trees, and a little further, near a waterhole, they quench their thirst
hippos and elephants. Discover the muted colors warmed by the sun from the gray, brown, pink and green palette, which you can find in the collection of 10
Do you know what the stone, from which the water flows, is lying on the shore, illuminated by the sun’s rays? Exactly like hybrid varnish
Gray 200 ! It is a beautiful gray color with a slightly shiny pearl finish.
You must try it out and see that it is what was missing in your collection of hybrid varnishes . It looks great as
DIY nail styling, it also fits beautifully with intense colors – check it out!

  • pleasant moments and emotions that will make you feel like you are there;

  • color palettes that match each other perfectly;

  • new vibe, new style – same quality!

On the previously hardened Claresa hybrid base, apply a thin layer of colored hybrid varnish and harden it in a UV / LED lamp. In order to achieve
satisfactory effect, you can repeat the activity. Protect the styling by applying and hardening TOP Claresa.
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