547 UV Hybrid Semilac Another Way 7ml

SEMILAC® UV Hybrid 7ml
SEMILAC® UV Hybrid neglelakk kombinerer det beste av gel UV og neglelakkens egenskaper. Høyeste kvaliteten, profesjonelle produkter med spesielt utvalgte pigmenter gjør at fargen er intens opp til 4 uker. Det andre laget med hybrid neglelakk gir en enda bedre fargedybde.
kr 155,00
Well-known sights and places you usually skip? You prefer to walk your own paths, both on a daily basis and during the trip. Expeditions in (yet) unknown is definitely your favorite direction! :) Although you do not know what is at the end of this road, you are sure that it will provide you with unforgettable impressions to you and your companions. The color for you is the spring variation on the theme of beige. The color of the sandy road, with notes of beige, absolutely neutral. It suits every stylization, both every day for the office, as well as for travel across the wilderness.
The essence of uniqueness

  • Strong pigmentation

  • Trendy colors