545 UV Hybrid Semilac Time To Fly 7ml

SEMILAC® UV Hybrid 7ml
SEMILAC® UV Hybrid neglelakk kombinerer det beste av gel UV og neglelakkens egenskaper. Høyeste kvaliteten, profesjonelle produkter med spesielt utvalgte pigmenter gjør at fargen er intens opp til 4 uker. Det andre laget med hybrid neglelakk gir en enda bedre fargedybde.
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It's easier to meet you at the airport than at a family dinner at your aunt's? Finding cheap airline tickets has become your new hobby, just like picking magnets on the fridge. You like the color of a blue sky, sewn with featherlike clouds.And you can admire such a view only from the window of the plane.Are you sure?Now you can transfer clean, slightly cool blue to your nails.Flames in the clouds are also allowed on earth!
The essence of uniqueness

  • Strong pigmentation

  • Trendy colors