320 UV Hybrid Semilac Shimmer Dust Beige 7ml

SEMILAC® UV Hybrid 7ml
SEMILAC® UV Hybrid neglelakk kombinerer det beste av gel UV og neglelakkens egenskaper. Høyeste kvaliteten, profesjonelle produkter med spesielt utvalgte pigmenter gjør at fargen er intens opp til 4 uker. Det andre laget med hybrid neglelakk gir en enda bedre fargedybde.
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UV gel polish with a glittery powder effect. Manicure that lasts for up to 21 days.
We enriched this subtle and warm beige shade with silver particles that shimmer in the sun resembling a multi-colour powder. It is a new variation on the classic nude colour which is the perfect addition to both formal and casual looks. You will love this colour if you are a fan of nude nails and want to sparkle them up a just a little bit.
Apply a thin layer of the nail polish on a cured layer of a UV gel base coat and then cure it under a UV LED lamp. Do not apply the product directly on the nail plate. You can apply two layers of the nail polish to achieve the desired effect. Finish off your manicure by applying and curing Semilac Top No Wipe Real Color.
Coverage: semi-transparent
Finish: Tiny particles
Colour group: Beige
Double curing time: NO