Poly gel latte 30g
Coffee color on nails? Why not - and maybe a permanent styling with the length you want? Hardness, ease of use, beautiful color - all this and much more can be found in one product - poly gel latte. See for yourself that your nails will become unbreakable. The thick consistency of poly gel makes it easy to spread it on the nail plate and make beautiful nail stylizations .
How to use poly gel :

  • Prepare the nail plate - process the cuticles, roughen the plate and degrease it with a cleaner;

  • To extend the nail on the template, use the Ultra Base - apply it to the template to the desired length and harden in the lamp;

  • For extensions with dual forms, apply a regular base to the nail and harden in the lamp;

  • Squeeze a small amount of poly gel and spread it with a brush on the nail ;

  • Curing time - 60 seconds in a UV / LED lamp ;

  • Trim the nails by filing them with a file;

  • If you plan to apply a hybrid varnish, cover the nails with a base ;

  • If you do not want to cover your nails with varnish, use a hybrid top to finish styling .

Create the most beautiful nail designs with one product. Durability, reliability and beautiful color - what more could you want?
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