Pixel Effect Neon Lila 2,5 g

Are you looking for a way to spice up your manicure? Pixel Effect in neon purple is perfect for you! Delicate particles which look like tiny sparks will take your heart by storm after just one use! Shades of gold and purple look beautiful and create a spectacular effect. These shimmering specks are very easy to apply - just a couple of steps will transform an everyday manicure into a sparkling wonder. Neon Pixel Effect should be applied on gel polish in a similar shade (like Neon Violet Gel Polish) - this way you'll achieve a deep and intense shade. APPLICATION: 1. FROST EFFECT create any gel polish, gel or acrylic manicure; apply a top coat (we recommend Dry Top or Shine On); sprinkle Pixel on the wet layer; after curing the nail in the lamp remove excess product with a soft brush. 2. SMOOTH FINISH create any gel polish, gel or acrylic manicure; after curing the second coat of colour gel polish in the lamp rub the Pixel into a dispersive layer; remove the excess product with a soft brush; apply one of Indigo gel polish top coat like Wet Look, remember to completely cover free edge of the nail; cute the top coat in the lamp. PIXEL EFFECT INDIGO - COMMON MISTAKES MADE DURING APPLICATION: Pixel Effect won't rub onto the nails. A chosen gel polish creates a weak dispersive layer or was being cured in the lamp for too long. While applying a top coat the Pixel particles rolls and bleeds into top coat; The gel polish is not cured enough or the layer of the effect is too thick; excess product wasn't removed with a brush. The effect created patchy layer; The amount of the effect dust was too small and/or the dispersive layer was damaged. Pixel Effect gets rubbed off the edges of the nail; The free edge of the nail wasn't properly protected with top coat. The particles "flake off" the nail. One coat of gel polish or base coat is not cured enough. The only way to ensure long-lasting manicure with Pixel Effect is to use recommended products by Indigo and finishing a professional technical training in Indigo Gel Polish manicure.