Cream della Cream– Cuticle Oil- 8ml Utlopdato

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Shea Elixir Bloom Gold with keratin from the Indigo Home SPA range takes care of the beautiful cuticles look, and at the same time tempts with a sophisticated, elegant fragrance, turning every treatment performed in your salon into a sensual ritual.
Product properties *:

  • makes the cuticles look nourished

  • improves the condition and look of the nail

  • contains keratin that makes the nails grow stronger

  • easy to apply consistency

  • nice scent

* The above properties have been confirmed by the results of laboratory tests
Tips on how to use Shea Elixir with keratin:

  • After the manicure is finished, apply a small drop of the product to the nail fold and the nail.

  • Gently massage the elixir in with circular movements.

  • Use in the salon and for daily cuticle and nail care.

  • The effects after 4 weeks of use *.

* The above advantages have been confirmed by the results of laboratory tests