Yokaba 84W UV/LED Lamp= 2 Hands

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Professional nail styling lamp Yokaba.
- is a larger counterpart to the Yokaba 48W lamp, more power, more diodes and much larger dimensions allowing you to easily fit two hands in the lamp
- emits white light that does not tire the eyesight
- Energy efficient with high power
- Enriched with LCD display and covered with a new plastic facilitates the work of any stylist
- Has proportionally distributed as many as 42 diodes, which ensure even distribution of light throughout the lamp, eliminating the so-called blind spots.
- It has a mirror surface thanks to which the light spreads more efficiently and hardens harder to reach places, as well as facilitates cleaning.
- It has a built-in motion sensor and 4 timers 10,30,60,99s.
- The 99s mode activates the 'Low Heat Mode' - initially the lamp shines less intensively with less power, then steadily increases the power
- so that gels or hybrids do not crack the nail plate or burn more sensitive clients.
- The 99s mode is recommended for working with builder gels and other applications requiring a longer curing time.
- The lamp's bottom panel has magnets that make it easy to detach for pedicure applications.
- The size of the lamp allows you to freely insert two hands, without the need for separate thumb curing.


- designed for curing all kinds of gels, hybrid varnishes and other light-curing preparations


Dimensions of the device
- 30 cm x 19.5 cm


Wave range
- 365 nm, 405 nm


Working time
- up to 50 thousand hours


- 12 months


Additional accessories
- power supply and user manual