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Mistero Milano Moodeling liquid for Akrygel 200ml

kr 130,00 med MVA
Modeling Liquid for Polymer Gel 200ml

Mistero Milano Akrylgel ARCHITETTO Clear 30ml

kr 300,00 med MVA
Size 30ml A combination of the best of gel and acrylic , formula for the perfect working consistency, gel-  flexibility and acrylic- durability . Polygel is the combination of the best of both methods in one system takes the best qualities of both liquid & powder acrylics andUV/LED. It's not acrylic, it's not gel

Mistero Milano Akrylgel MINI SET

kr 358,00 med MVA
2004 Polymer Gel Cover Różowy 15 ml 2007 Płyn do modelowania akrylożelu EASY LIQUID 70 ml. 5805 Szpatułka 1 szt.

Mistero Milano Monomer FORTE 70ml

kr 102,00 med MVA
A low-odour, non-lifting superior Acrylic Liquid with optimal setting time. The advanced formula creates superior adhesion, guaranteeing no lifting at