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Adorator Gel Polish 7ml

kr 149,00 med MVA
It seduces, tempts and charms. This deep, burgundy shade is a true Adorator that every woman needs in her life. Will you resist its charm?

Chic Nude Protein Nail Polish

kr 59,00 med MVA
A classic solution for lovers of nude colours. Chic Nude Classic Protein Nail Polish is an incredibly stylish shade of light pink with a delicate, beige accent. Do you like to be a sensation? Chic Nude Classic Protein Nail Polish will let you to create a perfect manicure in a natural look version. Highlight your natural beauty and add girlish charm to everyday stylings. With the Chic Nude shade, you can be sure that you’ll be the star of every situation. Properties of pink classic nail polish Chic Nude:
  • contains jojoba proteins
  • exceptional pigmentation of the nail polish allows for perfect coverage
  • the optimum elasticity, ensures no chipping and a long-lasting manicure
  • has a beautiful, shiny finish
  • its creamy texture makes perfect application
  • works well with the natural nail plate
Tips on how to use a classic Indigo nail polish:
  • Before applying on the prepped dehydrated nail, apply a nail polish base to extend the durability of the manicure and not to colour the nail with a coloured pigment (you can use multi-purpose product Base & Top 2 in 1). Leave to dry.
  • Apply the first thin coat of nail polish and wait.
  • When applying the second coat, gently press the brush only as you drive under the cuticles. On the remaining surface of the nail, reduce its pressure.
  • When the second layer dries, apply a topcoat. Leave to dry and … your manicure is ready!

Fashionista Gel Polish 7ml

kr 149,00 med MVA
Mixture of dark violet with pink drop presents deep and mysterious shade

Full Swimming Pool Gel Polish

kr 149,00 med MVA
Full Swimming Pool – apart from a drink with an umbrella and ans manicure in the shade of cloudless sky I don’t need anything!

Greensetter Gel Polish

kr 149,00 med MVA
This intense green was loved by the greatest fashion designers around the world! Greensetter gel polish in a saturated, electrifying shade is the perfect choice for a real fashionista who follows the hottest trends. Match the color of your nails to your fave bag and feel like you’re on the catwalk even on a Sunday walk.

Happy Birthday Gel Polish 7ml

kr 149,00 med MVA
You have your birthday once a year, but you can have a perfect manicure every day. Happy Birthday is a classic, elegant shade of red that intrigues with its shimmery finish. With this colour on your nails, you’ll celebrate the whole year.

Happy Birthday Set

kr 729,00 med MVA
Dette produktet vil bli sendt 19.02 Happy Birthday Set is a set of gel polishes and Protein Serum, enclosed in a metal can in the shape of a gel polish bottle. Set includes: – Surprise! Gel Polish 7ml – Happy Birthday Gel Polish 7ml –

Hulahop Gel Polish 7ml

kr 149,00 med MVA
Hulahop – energetic and fresh green meadows bathed in full sun. Delicate and refreshing like a cold drink with mint! A happy and lively manicure?
Beautiful colours
Amazing adherence properties
Semi-thick consistency – no streaks and product on the cuticles
No chipping
Easy application – perfect gel polish manicure
Fast curing (20 seconds)
Perfect for ornamenting
Perfect for nail effect application such as Mermaid Effect, Holo and Metal Manix

Juice Gel Polish

kr 149,00 med MVA
Beautiful colours Smooth, fluid consistency – no streaks and product on the cuticles Safe No chipping Easy application – perfect