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Disposable Nail File Moon Soft 180/240

kr 10,00 med MVA
The Moon Soft 180/240 file is an essential tool that will facilitate the work of any nail stylist. Using a rounded side reduces the risk of skin cuts. The Moon Soft 180/240 disposable file is suitable for buffing and smoothing the surface of the nail.

Nail File Ellipse Slim 100/180

kr 20,00 med MVA
If you use the rounded side of the file more often, the Elipsa Slim 100/180 disposable file will be the right choice. Its slim shape gives you full control.  It’s so narrow; you can easily reach difficult to access points, e.g. at the edges of the nail. Remember: to file a natural nail plate, use a 180 grid side. When filing a gel, acrylic or gel polish, choose a 180 or 100 grid side as needed.