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Brill Pro UV/LED lamp

The new Brill Pro UV LED lamp The Brill Pro lamp is a 24-LED 48 watt combined UV / LED lamp with a built-in fan. This latest technology guarantees fast drying for every gel and gel & lac with minimal energy consumption, without heat generation. The Brill Pro UV / LED lamp has a modern design that looks good in any nail salon. The lamp also has a timer with an ON / OFF button and 5 buttons for setting the drying time: from 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds and 120 seconds. To turn the lamp on for 30 minutes without interruption, press the “10 seconds” and “60 seconds” buttons simultaneously. Use the "Low Heat" 120 seconds function if you want a weaker light that does not harden the gels as quickly. This function is very useful for gels that develop more heat as they harden, for example extreme shapes when a larger amount of gel is applied to form the apex. Don't forget that after these 120 seconds of low heat you will need to cure the nails for another 60 seconds at normal light levels. The low heat function is not recommended for gels that do not develop too much heat during curing. The modern design of the Brill Pro lamp attracts everyone's attention, and you too will simply fall in love with its professional equipment. It has a motion sensor so that the LEDs turn on themselves when the customer puts her hand into the lamp.
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