06 Semilac Spider Gum Neon Orange 5g

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Semilac Spider Gum in a limited summer color - Neon Orange - is the easiest way to do nail art on your nails in your home salon!
Would you like to add small nail art to your nails, but complicated designs are not for you? Bet on the effect and minimalist decoration that you will do almost with your eyes closed. It's all thanks to the specially developed thick consistency, that looks like a rubber. Thanks to it, nail decorating can be compared to applying a spider's web. It's really a good fun!
Create straight lines, geometric decorations or any other shapes. Use a wooden stick, brush or Semilac dotting tool
You can apply Semilac Spider Gum to any color, combine different variants and apply in two ways: under the top layer and on the cured gel polish top coat
When applying thicker product layers, we recommend doubling the curing time.