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Are you an active person who values your time and convenience?

If so, then The Best Of set from Eclair was created just for you!

This is the so-called concentrate of our brand. The products included in the kit have been perfectly selected to be able to create a full hybrid styling. Using The Best of Eclair products you will make a perfect manicure both in the salon and at home.


  • The set includes:
    Nail Prep 14ml - is a classic dehydrator. It is a preparation, which applied to the nail plate before the treatment, is designed to deprive it of moisture and greasy substances.
  • Smart Base 7ml (choose one of the colors in the nude shade) - is a high-quality multifunctional base. Thanks to it you will level and build up the nail plate. This is the first step in preparing the manicure both under hybrid polish and under gel nails. Cure in a UV Led lamp for about 60 sec.
  • Top Thicky No Sticky 7ml - topcoat hybrid polish, which does not have a dispersion layer (does not require washing with Cleaner). Gives a hard, extremely glossy protective layer. Gives shine and hardens the surface, increasing resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion. Cure in a UV Led lamp about 30 sec.
  • Cuticle Olive 30 ml (randomly selected scent) - the perfect finish to your styling - a beautifully scented olive with a nourishing effect.
  • File and buffer Duo SAFE FILE 180/180 - a file for the development of natural nails and extended nails. Ergonomic and very comfortable boat shape allows you to effectively reduce working time.