Poly gel clear 30g
Do you want to have long and strong nails to create phenomenal styling? Then you've come to the right place - transparent poly gel will allow you to extend your nails to any length. In addition, you can easily cover them with hybrid varnish and create any patterns on them . Favorite length, beautiful shape and any nail design - all of this is diamond hardness!
How to use poly gel :

  • Prepare the plate for styling - move the cuticles and matt it;

  • Use a cleaner - wipe the nails thoroughly with it;

  • Use the base - if you want to extend the nails on the template, Ultra Base will be the best;

  • If you want to extend the nails to dual form , apply a regular base or Ultra Base and cure in the lamp;

  • Squeeze a small amount of poly gel - the size of a pea - and spread it with a brush on your nail;

  • Cure for 60 seconds in a UV / LED lamp ;

  • File the nails to even out the edges and the plate ;

  • If you want to cover it with hybrid varnish, apply a base beforehand  and create the most beautiful nail designs.

Do you want to have beautiful and long nails ? Try poly gel and enjoy beautiful stylizations!
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