Fallin 'Love is a collection of 13 colors in shades of light and dark powder rose and beige. The exception is 4 shimmering with warm gold shades of red and yellow, which are a perfect addition to other, calm shades.
August and September are the months when holidays end and a beautiful, colorful autumn begins very slowly, and with it comes the time for long walks in the park. To emphasize the tan obtained during summer travels, reach for one of the 13 colors of the Fallin 'Love collection and enjoy a beautiful, romantic manicure!
"Violet brown" is a description of the Fallin 'Love 9 color , which is perfect for a summer tan and for skin that is only "sun-kissed".
If you want to choose a slightly darker color, but still want a subtle shade, choose Fallin 'Love 9 and enjoy the effect!
On the previously hardened Claresa hybrid base, apply a thin layer of colored hybrid varnish and harden it in a UV / LED lamp. In order to achieve a satisfactory effect, you can repeat the activity. Protect the styling by applying and hardening TOP Claresa.
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