Arome 99 – Cuticle Oil- Shea Elixir 8ml

Shea Elixir Indigo is a unique product which you need to try! The Beautiful scent will allow you to finish a manicure and the rich consistency will nourish your cuticles and make them healthy.
The nourishing properties of Indigo Shea Elixir come from a pure shea butter which:

  • nourishes and regenerates,

  • rejuvenates and protects the skin from free radicals,

  • speeds up healing of small wounds,

  • protects from harsh environmental conditions,

  • doesn’t cause allergic reactions and can sooth the existing ones

Shea Elixir available in 12 beautiful scents from Indigo collection: Arôme 99, Bella Vita, Bloom Gold, Egoista, Femme Fatale, Indigolicious, Love Story, Matrioshka, Orient, Pop Sugar, Raspberry Love, Seventh Heaven.