AFINIA Dust Collector NDC 2000

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– High quality professional Nail Dust Collector NDC 1000
– Device made from white HIPS polystyrene
– Dimensions of the device: 700 x 335 x 95 mm (length x width x height)
– Weight of the device: 3,4 kg
– Absorption power: 270 m3/h
– Power consumption: 100 W
– Warranty period: 2 years
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6375,00 Kr

Hvis du fortsatt vurderer kjøpet av Afinia Nail Dust Collector og fortsatt er usikker, håper jeg å overbevise deg. Tenk på hvor mange år har du pustet inn glitteret og støv...

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Afinia: Our passion is to create products not only beautiful and useful, but also those that improve life.

Creating a product, we rely on the opinions of our clients, draw conclusions and introduce solutions that meet the expectations of nail stylists.

As the first Polish company, we have taken care of the health of our customers by creating an Nail Dust Collector Afinia NDC 1000.

Every day, a group of our employees ensures customer satisfaction with both the quality of our devices and furniture, as well as with the quality of our service.

Every detail is important to us.

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